About Our Town Government

The Mayor is elected by constituents and serves a two (2) year term and Council members are also elected by constituents and serve a three (3) year staggered term. The Mayor and Council preside at all meetings and vote on all matters brought before the Town Council.

NOTE: To be eligible to vote in Town Elections, residents must register to vote at the Department of Elections. Elections in the Town of Camden are held on the last Saturday of February each year.


Elected Officials:

  • Justin King– Mayor
  • Michael Schock – Vice-Mayor
  • Daniel Woodall. – Councilman
  • Vicki Rhodes – Councilwoman
  • Larry Dougherty- Councilman


Camden’s Government Consists Of:

  • Mayor
  • Administration
  • Town Council
  • Board of Adjustment
  • Planning Commission
  • Land Use
  • Finance Department
  • Public Works